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Top 3 Best You Tube Pinup Hair & Makeup Channels

Rockabilly Ruby You Tube

Thanks to a request from one of our lovely readers, Jasmine, we’re featuring our favourite You Tube Channels for learning pin-up and vintage style hair and makeup.

1.Cherry Dollface

Cherry Dollface is the original pinup all-rounder, and she has a huge catalogue of how-to videos for almost every style of pinup or vintage hair and makeup you could ever want.

Her videos are easy to follow and include lots of reasonably priced product reviews and practical tips for girls who aren’t used to doing pin-up style hair and makeup every day.

Cherry also tours the USA, Europe and recently Australia, conducting her lessons in person in fun workshops. You can read more about Cherry and her workshops in our Retro Betty Interview.

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        2. Pinup Doll Ashley Marie

Pinup Doll Ashley Marie is an amazing makeup artist and has a real knack for explaining makeup tips and tricks for all complexions, eye and face shapes.

Her recent video on how to do winged eyeliner for hooded eyelids is pure genius!

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3. Rockabilly Ruby

Rockabilly Ruby is a qualified hair and makeup artist, and you can tell by the instruction and high quality of her videos.

She’s really great at tutorials for not only her own hair type, but for others as well, something that’s so important when learning the basic skills of pin-up and vintage hair styles.

If you really love Miss Ruby’s tutorials, you watch more by paying for a subscription to Aesthetic Play.

She also shares lots of quick and easy hair tutorials on her Instgram account, which is definitely worth following.

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Special mentions on Instagram

Apart from our three absolute favourites above, here’s a list of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow for pin-up and vintage style hair and makeup inspiration;


Mavis Mayhem
Mavis aka Jenna Wallett is a qualified hairdresser and stylist, with 14 years industry experience with a love for vintage hairstyles, hot rods and customs.