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Greazefest Brisbane 2016

Greazefest Pontiac Cheiftan
 Greazfest Brisbane 2016 promised a few changes, like a new venue south of Brisbane, but the popular kustom kulture festival produced the same great bands, markets and big names in kustom kulture scene.

This year was the festival’s first at the Cleveland Showground, with the new venue south of Brisbane offering more room for markets, cars, an expanded stage area with lots of seating, and a bigger bar area.

Greazefest Brisbane 2016

The special guests for Greazefest Brisbane didn’t disappoint either, with pin-up legend Sabina Kelley posing for photos and mingling with crowds on both the Saturday and Sunday.

Evan Marshall, Sabina Kelley & Danielle Mann at Greazefest Brisbane 2016. Photo courtesy of Danielle Mann.

Greazefest Sabina Kelley pinup

Greazefest Kustom Kulture 2016

Pinstriping legend Von Hot Rod was back again for the third year running, sharing his tips and tricks in a series of workshops, and personalising cars and items with his trademark pinstriping.

Von Hot Rod pinstriping Greazefest

Von Hot Rod at Greazefest Brisbane 2016. Photo courtesy of Danielle Mann.

The bands didn’t disappoint in 206 either, with headliners fro the USA, The Rhythm Shakers joined by the UK’s John Lewis, along with local Aussie favourites including The High Boys, The Flattrakkers and Pat Capocci.

Kustom Kulture fans south of the Queensland border need not worry, Greazefest will again travel to Melbourne this weekend (12-14 August) for the southern version of the event, following the success of last year’s event at Sandown Racecourse.

Madam Midnight and Miss Anna D’Amour at Greazefest Brisbane 2016.

Greazefest 2016 VW Beetle pinup

Lucy Luxe & David Gatt with his Greazefest 2016 art show entry. Photo courtesy of Danielle Mann.


Greazedfest 2016 custom hudson

Greazefest 2016 1934 Ford Coupe hot rod

Greazefest Kustom Kulture Festival

Sapphire Siren & Penny Spitfire at Greazefest Brisbane 2016. Photo courtesy of Danielle Mann.

Greazefest pinup girls


Greazefest hot rod show Greazefest 2016 1934 ford roadster hot rod Greazefest 2016 hot rods

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