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Primp and Pose and Rockabilly

Miss Rockabilly Ruby primp and pose tour

Last month Australia was lucky enough to have Miss Rockabilly Ruby and her photographer-husband Charles in the country.

It’s not everyday a hugely popular vintage-inspired Instagram sensation tours Downunder, offering classes and photoshoots, so of course, all the pin-ups and vintage-lovers came flocking.┬áRuby was kind enough to answer our burning hair-styling questions and our Retro Betty Fast Five, while in Australia for her Primp and Pose Tour.

Not only is Ruby really friendly, she has a great sense of humour which creates a fun and relaxed feel at her styling classes (trust me, this hairdresser has been close to falling asleep in a number of hairstyling seminars from boredom!).

Ruby caters for all skill levels, so everyone from beginners to experienced hairdressers leave her class with more knowledge, tip and tricks to improve their styling. From learning how to perfect a classic pageboy, to creating a show-stopping poodle, many Australian vintage fans will be showing off their new techniques with Ruby’s highly sculpted, signature style.

1. How did you develop your style of vintage hairstyling? And how did you become interested?
It started years before I ever went to beauty school, my parents were always interested in the scene which got me interested in it as well. I practiced like crazy, and when I got to beauty school I soaked up all of the vintage styling knowledge I could. I still practice all the time to try and get better everyday.
2. What keeps you so passionate about vintage styling and where do you draw your inspiration from?
I just love the styles and I love how clean and polished it was. I draw inspiration from old movies and photos of old Hollywood stars.
3. Charles is an amazing photographer, how do you find working together creatively? Do you have similar working methods?
I honestly couldn’t ask for a better partner and person to work alongside. We have very similar visions and sometimes we feel like we share the same brain, it’s crazy! We work really well together and everything runs like a well oiled machine.
4. Any desire to create your own product line?
Maybe in the future!
5. What have you loved so far about Australia?
THE ANIMALS!!!!! I want to take them all home!

The Retro Betty Fast Five

Betty Grable or Bettie Page? GRABLE
Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash? Gah! This one’s too hard!…… Uhhhhh ELVIS
Vintage waves or Victory rolls? WAVES
Swing Skirt or Wiggle Dress? WIGGLE
Chevy or Ford? Neither! Hahaha
Miss Rockabilly Ruby vintage hair Retro Betty
Mavis Mayhem with Miss Rockabilly Ruby at her Sydney course
You can see Miss Ruby’s incredible hair artistry on Instagram. Additional images thanks to Liz McKeane Hair.
Mavis Mayhem
Mavis aka Jenna Wallett is a qualified hairdresser and stylist, with 14 years industry experience with a love for vintage hairstyles, hot rods and customs.